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High Strung PRoductions

Times change and we change with them or we are left in the dust. Since the birth of the world wide web, High Strung Productions has produced dozens of  studio and live CDS of High Strung Productions Artists. Now in 2019 we have expanded to Audio Podcasts with our "All around the Fretboard" podcast, and Print media with our first book, "Foundations in Rock Guitar".

Later this year, we will be producing our first iOS/iPadOS Application "iGuitarjournal", a full featured application devoted to organizing and helping musicians journalize their practice time.

It has been a pleasure creating "stuff" on the internet - a snapshot from our website 20 years ago - 1999. 

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Visit our Music library and add our audio to your playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. Visit the Tom Atkins Band website to see an upcoming show!


Come listen to the "All around the Fretboard" podcast and listen to some of the greatest guitarists share their secrets!

Foundations in Rock Guitar

Come join Tom Atkins as he explores the proven methods of how to learn to play Rock Guitar in "Foundations in Rock Guitar."  Available on Apple Books in fall 2019.


A companion Application to the "Foundations in Rock Guitar" Book, our iGuitarjournal application is available as an online resource as well as an iOS/iPad OS application this Fall 2019.