Welcome to the Infinity Lounge….

Since the birth of the world wide web, High Strung Productions has produced 14 studio and live CD’s of High Strung Productions Friends & Artists. Now in 2019 we have expanded to Audio Podcasts with our “All around the Fretboard” podcast, and Print media with our first book, “Foundations in Rock Guitar”. Later this year, we will be producing our first iOS/iPadOS Application “iGuitarjournal”, a full featured application devoted to organizing and helping musicians journalize their practice time. Also available for private guitar lessons and check the gig calendar for where on this pale blue dot we are all playing 🙂

The High Strung Shuffle


Making websites and streaming music. just let it play.
It has been a pleasure creating content for the internet:
A snapshot from our website 20 years ago – 1999. 

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