THICK Debut Album 2000
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 THICK is John Grignon: Vocals, Bob Napierski: Drums, Eric Schwanke: Bass Guitar and Tom Atkins: Guitars.

The THICK Debut album was recorded in several stages. First, using Steve LaCerra tracking Bob’s drums at a mansion in Selkirk, NY. The second stage was recording Tom’s guitars and Johns Vocals at the Wolves Den Recording studio. The final stage was transferring the Tascam DA-88 tapes to Alesis ADAT tapes and mixing all the tracks at Charlie Eble’s studio in Saratoga, NY.  The THICK debut CD was mastered by Rodger Liann at Masterdisc in New York City.

The sole cover tune, “Hey You”, was one of the last tracks recorded and the first tracks mixed. Kai Lee, (the singer for Reason) was working on the “Spiderman” movie being directed by Evil Dead 2 director Sam Remi. Tom flew in some audio from “Evil Dead 2” during the heavy breaks of the song, and got a copy to Kai who got it to a friend and got it to director Sam Remi’s hands. Supposedly, Sam loved it and gave it to Sony to put it in the Spiderman Soundtrack. All that was required was for the original songwriter of the song, Rodger Waters of Pink Floyd, to approve it. Rodger Hated it and requested it not be included.